Ladies~ How Is Your Luteal Phase Doing?

Maximizing Fertility with a Healthy Luteal Phase    This great diagram shows the hormonal influences and activities over the course of a “normal” 28 day cycle. (click on it for the details). Now, many women do not necessarily have clock-work … Continue reading

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Tenth Annual Holistic Parenting Retreat ~ Breitenbush (July 25-27)

Come celebrate the importance of nourishing the whole family with lush forests and a pristine river as your backdrop. Join us for a soulful weekend of enriching workshops, therapeutic soaking and children running about with new friends (and our loving childcare providers!). Gather … Continue reading

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Happy Fall! Now bring on the PUMPKIN (muffins!)

My husband says that fall is lovely for a week or so but then it’s a slow and sometimes sad prelude to winter. He is singing a different tune today as he tasted my beautifully orange PUMPKIN MUFFINS and knows … Continue reading

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Super Poop (and happy bellies)

Let’s face it, we all love to have great poops.  When we are constipated we feel, well, crappy. Not only is it more comfortable to have healthy bowel movements, it also indicates that the digestive organs are orchestrating their myriad … Continue reading

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Optimizing Male Fertility (It Takes Two to Tango)

Successful conception and a healthy child depends 50% on the woman and 50% on the man. Your state of health at the moment of conception will greatly influence the strength of the zygote (effecting if the pregnancy will “hold”) and … Continue reading

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Interested in Spring Cleansing or Detox? Let’s keep it going all year round!

  It’s springtime! Naturally, we start opening up the windows, clearing out the closets and eating lighter food. It’s a time for renewal, refreshing and rebirth. During this season many people like to do a spring “cleanse” or “fast” to … Continue reading

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Holy Fermentation! (why and how to get cultured food into your diet)

Traditional peoples around the globe have celebrated the eating of cultured foods (fermented food products that are rich in friendly bacteria) for centuries. Korean kimchi, Russian beet kvass, German sauerkraut, eastern European kefir and Japanese miso are just a few … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Power~ seeing beyond the pie.

Pumpkins don’t get much culinary love. Like turkey, pumpkin has its one week in the spot light and then is mostly forgotten for the rest of the year.  I think it’s time to see beyond jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie, and … Continue reading

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Parent Nourish Thyself

As new parents, we often forget how to care for ourselves. Birthdays pass unnoticed, hair is ignored and even teeth go unbrushed. It’s almost comical at times how little we tend to ourselves during the early days (baby drool and … Continue reading

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What the Heck Do I Pack for Lunch?

This is the time of year when we start to reign in our free-spirited eating habits of summer and hunker down with packing healthy lunches for ourselves, or kids going off to school. Many people share with me that they … Continue reading

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