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Pumpkin Power~ seeing beyond the pie.

Pumpkins don’t get much culinary love. Like turkey, pumpkin has its one week in the spot light and then is mostly forgotten for the rest of the year.  I think it’s time to see beyond jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie, and … Continue reading

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Parent Nourish Thyself

As new parents, we often forget how to care for ourselves. Birthdays pass unnoticed, hair is ignored and even teeth go unbrushed. It’s almost comical at times how little we tend to ourselves during the early days (baby drool and … Continue reading

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What the Heck Do I Pack for Lunch?

This is the time of year when we start to reign in our free-spirited eating habits of summer and hunker down with packing healthy lunches for ourselves, or kids going off to school. Many people share with me that they … Continue reading

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A Few Words From the Leftover Lady

Greetings fellow food-recyclers! I bet you also get great satisfaction in recreating leftovers into something fresh and new. Giving tired-seeming food another hat to wear is a delicious and economic way to earn some good kitchen-karma! Here are some ideas … Continue reading

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Details on Vitamin D

It seems that every few years a vitamin becomes famous. Vitamin D has been enjoying the spot light for a few years now as the “it” vitamin. Medical doctors, who seldom get as excited about vitamins as Naturopathic doctors do, … Continue reading

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Five Summer Veggies Not to Miss (but you just might have)

Walking into a Portland Farmers market mid-summer is almost intoxicating. The array of nature’s colorful bounty fills my cells with excitement and the promise of vitality. My favorite local farmer, Lyle from Gee Creek farms, is an orthodox Jewish man … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village to Feed a Family

Our ancestors depended on a large community of friends, family and neighbors to make their lives work.  Our modern day fences are higher and lives more independent, but we need each other now as much as ever. Having kids made … Continue reading

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