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Optimizing Male Fertility (It Takes Two to Tango)

Successful conception and a healthy child depends 50% on the woman and 50% on the man. Your state of health at the moment of conception will greatly influence the strength of the zygote (effecting if the pregnancy will “hold”) and … Continue reading

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Interested in Spring Cleansing or Detox? Let’s keep it going all year round!

  It’s springtime! Naturally, we start opening up the windows, clearing out the closets and eating lighter food. It’s a time for renewal, refreshing and rebirth. During this season many people like to do a spring “cleanse” or “fast” to … Continue reading

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Holy Fermentation! (why and how to get cultured food into your diet)

Traditional peoples around the globe have celebrated the eating of cultured foods (fermented food products that are rich in friendly bacteria) for centuries. Korean kimchi, Russian beet kvass, German sauerkraut, eastern European kefir and Japanese miso are just a few … Continue reading

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