Tenth Annual Holistic Parenting Retreat ~ Breitenbush (July 25-27)

Natural Parenting06Come celebrate the importance of nourishing the whole family with lush forests and a pristine river as your backdrop. Join us for a soulful weekend of enriching workshops, therapeutic soaking and children running about with new friends (and our loving childcare providers!). Gather new skills, build community and connect with how you can create more health and harmony in your life.

Workshops include:

Wholesome Food for the Whole Family with Erika Siegel ND.

Dr. Siegel loves to teach people the “whys” and “hows” around healthy eating. She is a Naturopathic physician with 10 years of practice under her belt, and more  importantly, is raising two healthy, and seemingly always hungry, boys. She will share some tricks and tips to bringing more nutritious and delicious food to the table for the whole family. We will strategize and encourage each other and each go home with recipes in hand and a new-found excitement for nourishing ourselves and family with simple wholesome food. Want to learn more about Dr. Siegel? Click here.

heartParenting From the Heart with Josh Phillips ND.

Trying to do too many things at once? Find yourself overwhelmed with family dynamics, work or other stressors?  Perhaps you find that parenting feels less-than-graceful when managing it all. Dr Josh Phillips will support our group in learning the ancient Sufi practice of Remembrance, finding your center and reconnecting with your “source” in the midst of your busy life. We will also practice using our voices to “tone” as a tool for depending this internal meditative practice. Geared towards parents but also welcome to older kids who are interested in sitting and learning a soulful, reflective practice. Learn more about Dr. Phillips here.

Parent Nourish Thyself with Erika Siegel ND.

Erika encourages her patients and friends to adopt a strong self-care philosophy in parenthood. If we do not feel nourished, how can we provide good care for others? We will work together to help reframe and re-create the ways in which we care for ourselves while managing our abundantly rich lives. This workshop will help awaken our spirits and listen to how it really loves to be fed. Plan to feel inspired and ready to implement new habits and techniques to ensure you are honoring yourself equally in the family equation.

Hydrotherapy Basics  with Erika Siegel ND.

 Dr. Siegel will give us a brief lesson in hydrotherapy to start the weekend off right. In this talk she will go over the basics of therapeutic soaking, sweating and hydrotherapy for your weekend at Breitenbush and beyond.

Essential Oils for Head-To-Toe Healing with Elizabeth Ceniceros LMT and Chelsea Phillips L.Ac, MSOM .

Elizabeth and Chelsea will bring their love and respect of therapeutic essential oils  to our group in a delicious-smelling hands-on workshop. These amazing women will share with us how they apply 100% pure essential oils for head-to-toe healing. We will learn therapies for diaper rash, asthma, colds, flus, grumpy moods and much more. The kids are invited to join in to make personalized scented lotions with your favorite oils and play an exciting game of  Name That Oil. Meet Elizabeth here and  Chelsea here.

Morning Qi Gong with Chelsea Phillips L.Ac. , MSOM. 

Chelsea will help awaken our bodies and mind in the mornings of our retreat. The kids will love to roar like a lion, shake out their sillies and bring the elements of nature into their movement.  We will share a simple practice outside with the river sounds close by, and  feel the harmony and well-being of body, mind and spirit which Qi Gong can bring in a surprisingly short amount of time. Chelsea brings a fun and gentle spirit which will get everyone happily participating.


Breitenbush-Pool1Hot Springs and Sauna. Breitenbush  has a number of geothermal spring-fed hot tubs set into the natural landscape. The water is rich in magnesium, calcium, lithium and and other essential minerals which soak into our bodies and start their deep healing right away. A truly unique experience is relaxing (or singing!) in the steam sauna which is simply a cedar cabin perched above steaming mineral waters. (And of course a cold dunk in the outdoor tub afterwards is a must!).

Children are welcome to soak in any of the tubs but may prefer the cooler ones. Bathing suits are optional in the tubs and sauna. We can model for our children the spirit of respect and sanctuary which pervades the  pools.

bb-bridge-223Our weekend  together will be relaxed, with plenty of time for walks by the river, hiking and family exploration. Breitenbush offers healing treatments like massage and acupuncture as well. (Contact us for our daily workshop schedule so you can plan accordingly).We have additional fun things planned including a family music night, arts and crafts, a goodie bag from Nourish Me and more.

Children will be in heaven exploring the land with  nooks and crannies fit for elves and fairies. The kids are welcome to join us for morning Qi Gong on the lawn, evening music exploration and the hands-on medicine-making workshop. Older children are welcome to join on an adventurous forest hike led by nature-loving-super-fun-dad, Matt Siegel. Some of the workshops are for adults only and during these times, childcare with our wonderful Waldorf teachers will be provided.

We have brought together an all-star team of  healing practitioners who gracefully strike the balance of work, play, parenting and holistic living. Past participants have left the weekend feeling nourished, inspired and empowered that they can embrace parenthood with more ease and joy.


LOCATION: Breitenbush Hot Springs and Retreat Center in beautifully lush Detroit Oregon, about 2 hours from Portland and 2 hours from Bend.   Learn more here: https://www.breitenbush.com/index.html

BEGINS: Fri evening July 25th

ENDS: Sun afternoon July 27th

COST: $140 per adult, $45 per child  PLUS lodging. Go here to see prices for lodging, which includes 3  hearty meals daily.

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

FOOD: You will enjoy bountiful organic vegetarian meals served buffet style three times daily. Breitenbush will  happily honor requests for egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free meals (may contain trace amounts of gluten). There is a gift shop which sells snack essentials, like dark chocolate.

Have questions about logistics, food, workshops, childcare, what type of lodging to book or if this is the right choice for you or your family? We are happy to help! Email Erika Siegel ND at nourishmellc@gmail.com

Ready to make it happen?! Call Breitenbush 503-854-3320 and reserve your spots now! Group size is limited.

learn even more…check out the website:https://www.breitenbush.com/events/jul25-27parent.html

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