We all want our kids to be vital, no matter what. With one hearty scoop of Nourish Me powder you can rest assured that your child's day has been fortified with essential nutrients for healthy growth and healing. Simply eight organic ingredients: whole superfoods with minimal processing and intense nutritional value. One bite is worth its weight in gold- so SCOOP IT ON!


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It's actually pretty simple. I chose eight of the earth's most powerful organic superfoods- painstakingly selected for their nutritional accolades, quality and safety for children.  With minimal extraction, smooshing, processing or messing around, you are getting intense nutrition in its whole form, the way nature intended.


A vibrant berry hailing from the Amazonian rain forest; acai’s antioxidant power outshines every other berry around. Other bragging rights include healthy fat (instead of sugar) and super delicious taste.


A small seed with an impressive bio. High in protein, fiber, minerals and healthy fat, this seed deserves to be eaten by the handful. Hemp seeds help the body sustain energy, build muscles, heal from injuries, and feel fab in general!


Growing bodies need lots of protein, and in my book; this one is the best. Sprouting wakes up the rice to its full potential and makes this protein easily absorbed, so you don’t need as much to build up those strong bodies!


Gorgeous red beets are full of antioxidants and vitamins galore! The liver particularly loves beets because they promote detoxification and healing. From ancient Chinese texts to the Talmud, we learn that beets nourish the blood and promote long life.
Enough said.


I think it’s safe to say that if you had to thrive on a single food from the planet, spirulina would be it. Perhaps the most nutrient-dense and balanced of all the super foods, this blue-green algae is full of chlorophyll and carotenes, and a little bit goes a long way.


Acerola soaks in the sunshine and delivers it back to our bodies in the form of vitamin C. We all love vitamin C for its immune-boosting power, as well as skin-healing and allergy-stabilizing properties. And catch this: acerola juice contains 3000% more vitamin C than O.J.!


Hooray for seaweed! Dulse offers a wealth of powerful minerals from the sea; essential nutrients that ya can’t get anywhere else. Iodine is the real show-stopper here, feeding the thyroid and the brain simultaneously.


Our bodies, inside and out, are teeming with bacteria. Digestive and immune health depend on balance, so that the bad critters don’t get out of hand. It’s a microcosmic jungle out there, and my mantra for keeping the peace is: you gotta have good bugs!

For the ways the body loves to be fed

Does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, added sugar, corn, unhealthy fats, or anything artificial (of course!)