We all want our kids to be vital, no matter what. With one hearty scoop of Nourish Me powder you can rest assured that your child's day has been fortified with essential nutrients for healthy growth and healing. Simply eight organic ingredients: whole superfoods with minimal processing and intense nutritional value. One bite is worth its weight in gold- so SCOOP IT ON!


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It's hard to make something that pleases everyones palate while keeping the integrity of a high quality nutritional powder, but I have done my best! Nourish Me tastes slightly sweet and nutty with a hint of sea salt. Most kids enjoy Nourish Me probably because it turns the food a beautiful purple color and mixed in the right food—tastes pretty darn good! See for yourself:

My kids really did like it! My 4 year old son, Reese, was licking it off his open-faced PB&J, and pinching the excess off the plate to eat. I will definitely make good use of it at home!

—Becca, mom of 2

Mommy- can I have Nourish Me for lunch? Just plain, on a plate?

—Devi, 3 years old

Playdate with FIVE hungry girls at my house today...Five hungry-after-school bellies...fed by Five smoothies with Nourish Me which led to Five happy smiles. 
1. It's gooood.
2. It's the best berry milkshake ever.
3. It's better than the regular smoothie.
4. I like it.
5. Can we have more?

—Dr. Sharon Lee

I Love it (made a smoothie first thing after my appointment)

They love it

Thank you for making this wonderful product.

You are the best.

—Gretchen, mom of Rose and Sid

My 3 year old daughter asks for Nourish Me by name and loves to eat it alone on a plate with a spoon.  She insists on having the bottle right next to her while eating it and she loves to scoop it out her self.  She has also enjoyed it in applesauce and in a refreshing morning smoothie.  My only trouble is once she gets some, I have a hard time getting it away from her!

—W.A., mom of two Nourish Me fans

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